Belief is a force more powerful than any other, as often misplaced as it is wisely bestowed. It has the potential to move mountains, topple governments, and resurrect the dead; in short, the strength to do the impossible. An emotion with such possibilities behind it should never be regarded with disdain or cynicism, but treated with all the respect of a loaded gun.

There exists in the mind of humanity an implicit understanding of belief’s dangerous powers, an understanding which has perhaps sustained the tradition of April Fool’s Day across generations and continents. We all need to be reminded, on occasion, that we can be tricked into belief of things like spaghetti growing trees, fast-food chains acquiring major national landmarks for advertising purposes, and the existence of hotheaded naked ice borers. Just because information comes from a trusted source, whether a respected academic journal or a close friend, we should never let our own common sense be overruled; never let ourselves be persuaded of what we know is wrong or untrue.

We can all be tricked; we can all make mistakes and believe in things that don’t exist. With this reminder of our fallibility and the damage that it can do, let’s all move forward into this year’s spring and summer months with forgiving hearts and skeptical minds.

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A thinly published author who is widely read. No type of fiction is off limits, and I even enjoy plunging into the odd, well-written nonfiction tome as well. I am driven by a need to continuously move forward, so expect to see a lot of activity from me!
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1 Response to Belief

  1. DarthShrinkem says:

    Well reasoned, well written, well read. Thanks be to you, Robear!

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